Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Come in!

For a long time I felt as tho no one really understood what I was going thru at this point in my life. And as I began to publicly talk about my experience, I came to realize that my struggles in this quarter-life crisis ins't reserved to just me. It is a silent depressor of many. The insecurities caused by this transitional stage in life is the weapon it uses to keep everyone quiet. alone. scared. We all want to look like we have it figured out, like we are on top of the game, and secure in our life's choices... But we aren't! We are new adults still trying to figure everything out; Put in the awkward position of guiding the generation behind us while being asked to step away from the generation that raised us. We are the 20 somethings (and some early 30 somethings) that took a quarter of a century just to get to the point of learning ourselves all over again.
With the all the people stressing in solitude, we feel even more disconnected; Convinced that our uncertainty is an unlucky anomaly. But I choose real life (hence the name of the blog), so I am on a mission to put my journey out there so that if we have to struggle, we can do it together. That the Journey because easier (or at least more fun) with traveling partners. I was very reluctant to be so open (and my PR representative explicitly said not to be... ooops), but I feel like I have to. I am very far from having everything together but I am determined to get there. Join me as a navigate thru this maze of relationships, finances, career, friendships, reputations, family and personal growth. The fantasy is good for the image but the reality is better for the soul. Choose real life!

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