Monday, January 24, 2011

The Mini Suite-Guest Bedroom Design

T h e M i n i S u i t e

Guest Bedroom Design

This projects takes a very small, blank space, and converts it into a fun, comfortable and welcoming guest bedroom on a small budget. By using store bought pieces and combining styles, I created a funky and contemporary space.

The original space was plain box, measuring less than the 10'x10' of a standard bedroom with nothing but an air mattress and lamp. With a budget of $2200 for materials and furniture this is what I turned it into...

Start with the basics... Paint!
Color: If you are not an expert with color, please take the time to get sample paint and put it up in the walls for test swatches. Get others opinions on your color choices. Let's face it, not every color that looks good as a dress will be as hot on your walls. But regardless of what color you get, it will be the same price, so budget is no excuse for having a horrible color on your walls!

Type: In this application I went with a flat enamel paint. I find it to be more sophisticated and if you have walls that are a little older, flat paint hides imperfections better than other finishes. I choseto use "flat enamel" because regular flat paint is easy to scuff and not able to be wiped down. With the flat enamel, it may cost a little more, but it will save you headache and also prevent constant touch-ups.

Note: I highly recommend spending the extra money to get "NO VOC" paints (paints with no toxins) also. Especially in nurseries and kids rooms. Our goal isto make our guest feel comfortable, not kill em slowly.

It was important to keep this small space uncluttered but still dramatic. Simple tricks helped achieved this goal. I purchased 2 inexpensive fabric headboards and mounted them together on the wall. Then I built a basic frame to give it a more finished look. This method created a dramatic bed without eating up any floor space. Instead of using floor lamps, I decided to suspend the main lighting element from the ceiling. This gives you a little something different and saves space for the same price of having a standard floor lamp.
Another method of space saving was to have a wall mounted storage unit as a bedside table. It provides a usable service and storage without taking away from the limited square footage. I brought in a condo sized dresser since the need for clothes storage is at a minimum but the need for space is at a maximum.

I think it is important to have good quality sheets for your guest to make them feel pampered. So I spent a little more for this Gray and Purple Vera Wang comforter set and mixed and matched it with coordinating sheets. Purple is that new hot color that, when paired right, can work for either sex and numerous styles.

Note: Many top designers make less expensive lines of home products that you can find in stores like Target, Khols, TJMaxx, marshalls....

What is a guest room without a little fun. Integrating fun graphic pillows is a great way to add personality to your space.

I like rustic elements! It adds something a little rough and interesting to a space. So I brought in these patinaed metal bars from CB2 to add that bit of variety and fun.
As a photographer I was able to incorporate my own photography art work into the space. For this project I used my serioes "The Capitol Collection" to add a sophisticated, sleek, urban feel to the room.
Everything has a meaning for me. I brought in empty frames to leave it open for imagination. Having personal photos in a guest room is a reminder to visitors that they are not in their own space. The empty frames are to symbolize them having pictures of their own friends and family to make them feel more at home.

This artwork was a very inexpensive online purchase that adds interest because of it's size and mix media. It is a great way to make a budget friendly make-over feel a lot more expensive.

Note: try searching for art on discount websites such as and

This is ultimately a room for sleeping... So bring on the tranquility symbolisms.

For accessories, I believe you have to be a little fearless. This is what really gives the room its personality and individualism. Forget what they told you, it's really a personal choice, but the trick is showing restraint to not over-accessorize. The talent comes with deciding scale, proportions and compositions.

Play with scale-Oversize vases on a small dresser
Play with texture and materials-Natural twig spheres, transparent metal lamp shades
Play with color- personalized travel souveniers from the owner, graphic artwork

Here is the video walk thru of the space. I hope you enjoyed viewing this design as much as I enjoyed creating it!

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  1. Just took the time to view the video...luv it and ur looking bedroom is small and has a similar layout with the one window..I have painted it twice and feel that it's time to re-design. I had purchased a book on interior designing for small spaces,(dont rememeber the title right now)..but it has helped me with decorating my place for my family to enjoy...keep up the good work/ ur inspiring/ looking forward to seeing your other projects!!

  2. Thank you Tiffany. I am happy that this post was able to help inspire your redesigning your space. I really appreciate the support and compliments. I'll be sure to keep bringing it!


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