Monday, February 6, 2012

Renaissance "Love" gets published- Baltimore Bride Magazine

Magazine issue cover
Even tho I am satisfied when I feel proud of work I have done, it still feels all warm and tingly to be publicly recognized. In the upcoming Spring/Summer issue of Baltimore Bride Magazine, Renaissance Photography’s work has been featured on a 2 page spread. In a section about destination weddings, they highlight Derrick and Markia Henderson, my clients’ wedding that I photographed in Montego Bay, Jamaica. 

Collection of images from the article
Main picture of the article

 This was definitely one of the best weddings I have had the privilege to shoot. The class level was top notch. They put forth the greatest effort to be sure that the wedding was a total experience for all their guest and all their hard work paid off tremendously. My company also created mini videos for this amazing destination wedding so that this occasion could be experience time and time again for years to come. (videos are done in partnership with

Welcome night

Wedding Day

It just does something to me to see my company name in magazine credits 

I have had the pleasure of photographing not only their wedding, but their engagement and even Derrick’s surprise proposal. So even tho photography can be seen as just a job, it becomes a lot more as you play an integral role in memorializing some of the biggest moments of people’s lives. 

The Proposal

The Engagement Shoot

The Wedding

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Friday, January 20, 2012

Financial Reconstruction- Part 3 of 3

“Continued”- Make sure you read part 1 and part 2...
So there I was... Single and unemployed in DC. The irony of it all is that I moved to DC because I had a job offer in DC and my girlfriend lived up here. Now What!? I didn’t know it at the time, but I was about to enter a advanced accelerated course in “learning yourself”. 
After I left my job, I was now making part-time club wages while I had full-time corporate bills. You don’t realize how much you are actually paying out until you don’t have much money coming in.  I quickly realized that this situation was not going to work. But luckily, I’m West Indian. We are born hustlers and we know how to make things work. 
As a punishment for my bad financial behavior, I got rid of my precious car. I was upside down on the loan, but I traded to a more responsible Civic Hybrid. This was so much more my style. What can I say, I’m  a tree hugger! Even tho my gas and maintenance bills we reduced, I was still paying the same car note (seeing the bill then looking at my lil Honda made for some very angry moments). I was able to rent out my condo for the amount of my mortgage. Even tho my expenses still far outweighed my income, I felt better that I was making some effort.
So with this new good feeling, I explored life. I felt like I was enslaved so long in corporate prison that I just wanted to be free. I was determined to enjoy life to the max. I was very random, and all over the place. I just wanted to live. Whatever felt like living at the time, is what I did. I spent a lot of time in NYC. I remember one time I went up there for a weekend and ended up staying for a month. I met new friends, some who let me crash at their houses for days on end, I rubbed elbows with celebrities, modeled a little bit and spent a lot! I mean, after all I didn’t go up with extra clothes and a boy’s gotta eat! It was a surreal moment. Just living completely abandoned. But I am sure you wondering how I made this happen. Well by this point I extended my line of credit to over $20K and my balance was near $0 before I left my job. So I had a $20k field day! 
My mother always used to tell me that I don’t know when to stop and I should “always leave the party while you are still having fun”.  And to hold true to tradition, I didn’t listen... the party wasn’t fun anymore. I could barely recognize my elf thru the wild moments, reckless behavior and lack of responsibility. So I headed back to DC to try to get my life back in some kind of order. I was now staying at one of the hoodest (I’m sure that’s not a word) apartments, in a guest room of someone I barely knew, sleeping on an air mattress. I left everything in boxes because I refused to face the fact that I lived in these conditions. I was working at the club, I was a waiter, and modeling. As much as I was working, ends still didn’t meet. I covered the slack with my credit card. One month when rent was due, I found a statement from one of the investments I made in college that had a couple grand in it. I took all the money out, paid a few bills, and ate. 
So now, I was working harder than ever, making less than ever and not enjoying life. How the hell did I get here!? After taking serious inventory of my life and goals, I decided to pursue my first love, design. I got a job as a design assistant. I wasn’t making much, but at least I was learning to do something I loved. 
The credit card company called- I’m over my limit. The investment funds mailed- The balances are all at zero. The bank statements come in- there is a total balance of $0.37 left in my name. Nothing else! By this time I had given notice to vacate. Fortunately, one of my friends let me stay with them as I swallowed my pride and accepted help.  
That was it... that was the breaking point. I have had my fun, now it was time to work. I was a waiter, a model, and a design assistant.  I didn’t go out anywhere, didn’t buy anything. Shoot, I didn’t have time or money to.  Something had to change. I went and filed for a sole proprietorship to form my own design company, Renaissance Design. But with all my other jobs, I was working over 14 hours a day and not able to dedicate the time I needed to y business. So as another leap of faith, I left all of my part time jobs to focus on Renaissance Design. Now I had no choice, this thing had to work! And now what you see today, is a result of frustration, recklessness, stupidity, generosity, hard work and faith (In that order!). And it’s still growing... Stay tuned
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