Tuesday, January 18, 2011


"(if you can) walk with kings, nor lose the common touch"- 'If'- Rudyard Kipling

This line of my favorite poem speaks to arrogance. It is a feat that is rarely accomplished. Many of us are inspired to walk with kings, but we do not to remember to aspire to converse with paupers with the same comfort and ease.

"If there was one marriage that I can break up, it would be the union of confidence and arrogance"-H.A.S.

Story time-
I have a horrible memory, but it's amazing what events stick with me. I remember my sister returning on break from college and sitting in on one of my high school classes. It must have been a math class because that's where I really liked to flex my muscles intellectually. Immediately after the class she walked up to me and said something to the effect of "You are so arrogant! I would of hated you if I was in your class!" There was no joking tone, no playful exaggeration, no sarcasm... just honest disappointment and disgust. At that time I brushed it off as if I was unaffected, but here I am over 10 years later writing about it.

So now as a past offender and a current occasional indulgent, I feel as tho I am well qualified to speak on the subject of Arrogance. Arrogance is such a funny thing. It is both powerful and destructive. Arrogance allows people to look like fools on parade, convinced that we are better than most. Our confidence in that falsity has actually convinced a few people that we are in deed superior. But that same certainty in our gross miscalculation has others laughing at our foolishness. However, the beautiful thing about the disease of arrogance is that it blinds the infected to the looks of disgust and deafens us to the laughter. All we hear are the praises; all else is silenced.
Arrogance also makes it easier for us to sell ourselves short. Neglecting the natural talents that we possess. Since these gifts are unique, they are unable to be commpared, rendering them usless in out arrogant minds. Covering up the greatest parts of ourselves... Our true individuality!

"I have to dress, talk and walk humbly because I know I am susceptible to arrogance. I have seen arrogance and it is an ugly lie that does not suit me."-H.A.S.
I "literally" aim to walk in humility

The criteria for what makes someone important is so varied and subjective that the mere thought that you are "better" than someone else is unfounded. Most arrogance is based on a media perpetuated image of success and importance. And I think we all know how reliable the media's propaganda is (feel the sarcasm). The Arrogants constantly look for avenues to assert our supiriority. We use accepted social opnion to cement us in our higher classes.. Whether is it "gourmet" food, "fine" wine, "real" music or "designer" clothes. We stay eagar to experience these things so we can be even quicker to bring it up in conversation. We can show off our impecable taste and feel good as we look down our noses to the common people who have the unfortunate fate of being less "cultured" than us.

Ironically the cure for arrogance is true confidence. Confidence in who you are as a person and the gift you have to offer regardless of what the status quo says. This will curb the need to compare yourself to others and find ways to put them beneath you. When you can truly accept and appreciate your own individuality, condemning others becomes impossible.

"I rather be underrated, unassuming and even looked down upon than to fall victim to arrogance"- H.A.S.

Like always, Leave a comment and lets begin the discussion... Talking about it is the way we grow and the way we allow others to have the confidence to grow also!


  1. As usual Bro, well put. Couple of typos though. Without getting into deatils, I recently had a rude awakening myself and now realize that mine was a lesson learned. It took me a minute to get to that point...Keep doing you, it's inspiring.

  2. guilty this last week, I truly needed this post. How clever of you.lol. Your writing is great. Perhaps arrogance can be confused with confidence and being supportive, helpful and trustworthy, and engrossed in a subject enough to want to converse deeply. Perhaps it is not your fault the others in the class do not have initiative to emerse themselves.
    On the other hand there at times are those so unconfident intentional demeaning them selves, fake, what ever you want to throw the book at them.

  3. Love the post...loved the quote "Love this quote: "I rather be underrated, unassuming and even looked down upon than to fall victim to arrogance"- H.A.S."

    @rootdigger-I see where you are coming from but I think there is definitely a difference between perceived arrogance and it being an issue at the core of one's character....


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