Monday, February 11, 2013


I want everyone to go naked! Show us who you are. uncovered. un adorned. just simply you. Strip yourself of social norms; of others expectations of stereotypes. 
Be true to who you are. 
The world needs you to show off how you were actually created, not how well you hide it. Your liberation is the key to other’s freedom. Freedom to be themselves without presumption. making it so that people actually have to get to know you, before they think they know you. The book will have no cover to judge, it will have to be read.
Your exposed flesh will be the abolition of assumptions.  How can you be assigned to a group, when everyone in that group looks different. They look like themselves. 
We will be individuals again, like how we were created to be. unique, special and essential. Even if you don’t do it literally, I beg of you, go naked! Don’t be afraid to show how beautifully different you are. 

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Friday, January 11, 2013

Something Amazing to look forward to... 2013!

Anyone who knows me, knows that New Years is my favorite day of the year. I have an obsessive love affair with the concept of new beginnings. There is just something about a fresh start, a rejuvenation, that excites the hopes and goals of people. New Years is the day when people around the world are collectively filled with the same hope for the future and optimism of their personal potential. The air is thick with positive energy and hopeful vibrations like no other day. Even if it’s for just 24 hours, people are striving to be their best selves and are hopeful to continue being that person for 364 more days. 

My obsession with new beginnings is what caused me to name my business RENAISSANCE Design. A continuous cycle of creation, destruction, rebirth and reinvention. So this New Years I toasted to Renaissance Design being the best company it can be. Raised a glass (shot) to a rebirth of our passion for great design, to tossing out the antiquated design rules and creating a new textbook for contemporary design. 

What you can expect to see from Renaissance Design, and from myself, is a new fearlessness. To invest in our visions and do whatever it takes to make them materialize, even if it breaks every design rule. This company was created to be about a lot more than making a pretty room. It is about creating your best life in your best surroundings.
Our new (first) Logo!

Currently we are working on the complete modernization of a historic mansion in Baltimore, a unique loft at the highest point of Adams Morgan in DC and an updating of a charming family home in Arlington. But the future looks to be becoming more interesting as every day passes.  As a kid who built houses out of popsicle stick instead of playing video games, my love for architecture is going to be even more paramount in the business this year. Because home owners can be a little hesitant to try some untested ideas, We are planning to purchase our first “Renaissance Test House”. Imagine a house being used as a canvas in the hands of a drunken artist. 
Mansion under renovation in the historic Roland Park Neighborhood of Baltimore, MD. 

So far we have already taken on three new clients in the first week of 2013, so there is a lot that we are going to have to share. We welcome to the team my new assistant, Malik Dean (make sure to welcome him), who is doing a superb job so far. This year I promise not to keep you in the dark as I have done in 2012. I will update my blog and I would appreciate your feedback. Thank you for your constant support. May our dreams take us to places beyond where we have ever imagined in this new year!


Malik and I on the set of our next video "W St Bachelor"- The "after" video. Check out the "Before" HERE

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