Tuesday, April 20, 2010

The ignorant stamp-loose change hyena

So I spent the morning diligently packing up my loose change and then head to the bank to deposit it. I walk up to the window, and plainly state that I have some change to deposit. The lady at the teller next tell me quickly whips her head around and busts out laughing! Not just a little chuckle, but an all out "i could cry" laugh. And thru her laughter she is saying loudly "That boy just said he wants to deposit change. haaaa.. Oh my God. Change. is the recession that bad? Haaaaa... I can't believe he's depositing change" Even tho no one else joins in, she continues some version of this hysteria. And for some reason, I find myself amused also but her genuine amazement of a change deposit. I shoot her a big smile as to ask "are you joking or actually serious". And this continues for about 2 minutes straight.

It just so happens that we finish up at the exact same time and head to the door to exit. On the way out she looks at me and reignites her laughter and banter. As we step out the door, I turn to her and ask her "So, what do you do with your loose change?" With the remnance of a hearty laugh on her tone, she states " Honey, I don't have change. I have a paycheck." Then she adds to the ignorance with a short speech about "all you gotta do is work. I'm on my way to work now. But your young, you'll be ok".

At this point is where I walk over to her as she gets into her car. Reach into my pocket and pull out my IGNORANT STAMP and slap it smack dab on her forehead so that all other sensible people can stay clear. Well I did it interpretively with a hearty laugh at the expense of her assessment of my standing. Not knowing what I do, how much I make, and how many hours I work everyday.

When do we reach the point where we are too good to bring change to a bank? I am a firm believer that people who are careless with their pennies make the people who are diligent, rich. So thank you Ms. Ignorant stamp recipient of the day. You made me feel more encouraged.

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  1. Ignorance is comedy without a dress rehearsal.lol


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