Thursday, January 28, 2010

Who I am

I am the prototype of all that is successful, innovative, unconventional, tragic.
I am the guinea pig of life's trials
I am an example to all human kind
I am the source for failed risks and unprecedented triumphs
I am the suffering soul to release the dreaming spirit
I am failure
I am the mirror that reveals the norm as insanity
I am the ideas that make no sense
I am the dreams of millions
I am the fear of even more
I am the hope of the downtrodden
I am the joke of the privileged
I am a stain on society in the eyes of its noble citizens
I am the outcast of the culture
I am the predecessor of the renaissance
I am my fathers life's work
I am my mother biggest worry
I am my teacher's unknowing byproduct
I am my God's favorite reality show
I am religion's enemy
I am freedom's skeptic
I am a never-ending stream of consciousness
I am a miracle that had to have been a mistake
I am questions with no answers
And somehow you expect me to be what you want me to be
I will be everything else but that.....

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