Monday, May 24, 2010

The Conversation: Patrice Ford

There are people that you run into and entice you into their space. People who play a vital role in our personal history. They challenge us to re-think life as we know it. I have decided to take these people and launch a project that I call "The Conversation". An intimate discussion on an unresticted list of topics, with the details only captured thru still photography.

I sat down with Patrice in my photo studio. Me in the dark, behind the lens and her sitting center stage, flooded with lights. It is amazing what type of intimacy can come from such a solitary set-up.

Patrice has an energy behind her eyes that is rare. The refreshing mix of mature wisdom with childlike curiousity defines this continuous student of life. Hours pass as we discuss whatever. No boundaries, just honesty. Thru this conversation, I am capuring her expressions and telling her story thru pictures. Our story. Our conversation

It's a story of discovery, freedom, limitlessness and hope. She is not without flaws or frustrations but her outlook shows it as life lessons.
This is called the conversation, because it is not just her talking. This is a very even dialoge that not only taught me more about her, but more about myself and life as a whole.

I find that in life there are few people you meet that step outside the box and are not afraid to live unapologentically honest. And my desire is to capture the beauty of our individualities in my lens.
I present to you, Ms. Patrice Ford.

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