Monday, January 25, 2010

I'm waiting

Here it is again!

The inevitable quote of the script recited by many

“I intrigue you, excite you, fascinate you”

The gratifying compliment that always leaves me with one question...

When is someone gonna do the same for me?

When am I gonna be audience to your show, a pupil to your wisdom, a fan to your greatness...

When can I be inspired and at the same time tip-toe of the edge of inferiority?

When are you gonna challenge me to upgrade my authenticity.

The passion in me needs for colors to change names, seasons to alternate daily, the sky to switch places with the earth. Make me live in the sea and swim on land. I want the birds to envy our movement, I want to forget that loneliness exist. Food would have enhanced its taste. Your words would be my intoxicant. People would be extras in the production of “us”. Make me float through clouds of unpredictable vulnerability.

I need everything I know to be challenged and all my constants to become variables.

I am NOT closed off or unapproachable, I am just uncompromising. Excite me. Intrigue me. Fascinate me. Anything less will never keep me. Have me for a moment, until that one comes to take me for a lifetime. I am tired of going to bed alone... even when I have someone right next to me. Because everything else is insignificant until you find your way to me.

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