Tuesday, October 4, 2011


Many of us spend hours imagining the type of life we will have in the future. We see cars drive by and claim them as ours. We see Houses on TV and talk about what we will do differently when we have our mansion. We talk about all the countries we want to visit and how we are going to be pampered when we get there. We talk about how amazing our marriage and kids will be and how much of a big deal we will be.
Reality Check: For many of us, a dream is all it’s going to be. And I believe that deep down inside we know it’s not going to be a reality. We learned as kids that it is fun to pretend. Even if it doesn’t come into fruition, at least we lived the experience in our minds.
But what about those people who just dreaming of it is simply not enough? What makes this kind of ambition a pipe dream for some but an attainable goal for others? It’s not superior genius, it’s not an advantaged birthright, it’s not an incredible talent. It’s just a resolute attitude of what they truly desire. Unlike many others, these exceptional individuals actually go for what they want with an expectation to get it.
Too many times people will look at the success of a person and dismiss it as luck or being in the right place at the right time. The dangerous effect of doing that, is that you miss the lesson of what can make you successful. You are dismissing the formula that you can apply to achieving your goals. Since you can’t force luck or coincidence, you stay doing the same things day in and day out, dreaming of your lucky break. It doesn’t work that way! When someone “makes it”, take a deeper look into their life and see what really brings lasting success.
The craziest thing to me is that people expect to have an exceptional life but live a completely ordinary existence daily. We invent things like luck and coincidence to justify living within the margins and expecting to somehow fall into the life we desire. Next time you hear people talking about what they plan to have, how they plan to live, how amazing their future is going to be... Ask them, “HOW?”! Ask them their plan to get to that next level. And I bet you see how many crazy people are out there; Expecting to get to a destination without walking in that direction.
The name of my blog is “I Choose Real Life” because I just want to tell you the truth. The media has a way of making things look easy. As if unparalleled success is just around the corner. Unless that corner is at the end of a road of tireless work and commitment, there will be nothing but more of the same things that’s in your life now around that corner.
If you want to know if you are leading a life that is going to lead to an exceptional future, just look at most of the people around you. If the way you live your life, resembles the way most of them live theirs, you are NOT on the path. If your thinking is in line with what the media pushes to the masses, you are NOT on the path. If your daily activities have no actions that are above and beyond what is required of you, you are NOT on the path. Just look at the definition of the word.
forming an exception or rare instance; unusual; extraordinary
unusually excellent; superior
By definition alone, Your life, actions and thinking can not be like most people’s. You can not just fall in line and follow the status quo. one of my favorite quotes puts it simply-“Live Like No One Else [will] So You Can Live Like No One Else [can]”- Dave Ramsey

DO you really think the current industry moguls only put in 8-9 hors of work a day, do you think people that grew from having nothing to independently wealthy was focus on buying the latest things. DO you really believe that the most talented among us didn't practice their craft hundreds of times more than the rest of us?

So next time you start talking about how exceptional your life is going to be in the future, either know how you are going to make it happen, or give the disclaimer that it’s just an empty dream that will never come true because you are not willing to work for it. You have to live an exceptional existence daily, to have an exceptional life. There are no shortcuts, just illusions.

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