Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Bachelor Home Office

My task at hand was to take the empty room that was a catch all an make it into a functional work space. Armed with a modest budget and creativity here are the results from this bachelor home office design.

The color palette is simple but very
intentional. Beige with gray tones give a neutral backdrop with a masculine, contemporary feeling. The muted red provides energy and life. The deep dark brown wall texture anchors the room and adds elegance. The colors work together to achieve a goal. contemporary, cozy, elegant and interesting.

The wall texture is subtle but sick (that means really cool for the slang illiterates)! It's a dark brown natural reed wallpaper that adds texture to the space without becoming fussy. It's illuminated by very contemorary wall scones (of course it is set on dimmers) on either side of the desk area. The only thing left is to bring in a huge oil rendering of my client between the lights, a lit cigar and you will have a space fit for a BOSS (Said in my best Rick Ross voice [the rapper not the mobster {btw- I don't condone smoking ]}). I got side tracked, where was I? oh yeah, the design...

I brought in different but complimentary pottery as a collection. I wanted to have something to contract all of the straight lines and had a bit more of an organic feel. I also framed pitures I took, the metro collection to add an urban feel to the space. In retrospect, a plant will go well in this room even tho it as not part of the finished design.
The metro collection by Renaissance Photography

In any room the lighting is key! instead of springing the bucks for strategically placed recessed lighting, I decided for an inexpensive adjustable track light on a dimmer). This enables us to create a mood in the space. The lighting draws your attention to key elements and gives the room it's drama.

Offices have a way of collecting stuff. With that in mind, I kept the accessories to a minimum and storage to a maximum. I used the entire back wall to assemble a modular storage unit that takes advantage of the vertical space in the room without eating up valuable floor space.
Let's talk Feng Shui! I am far from being an expert but I do utilize some of it's practices in my designs, because a room is just as much about how it feels as it is about how it looks! here are some of the principles that I implemented on this design.
1. Having a clearly separated space between your work and living area is important. it's even suggested that you take a short walk before and after spending time in your home office to keep your personal and business lives separate. If you don't have a separate room. use a room divider to block off your work area.
2. Do not have you back to the door
3. it's best to have your office facing east (that just happened to work out well for this project)
4. Red is a color that promotes energy in all your career efforts
5. Dont not place you desk under a window, it's best to have the light wash over it from the side.
6. Have ample storage because clutter prevents the free flow of energy throughout the room.

Check out my mini-vid as I walk thru the space and give more insight on the design.

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  1. Excellent job! I love the passion and attention to every detail no matter how small the space. The video was short and to the point... perfect soundtrack for a bachelor pad space. I love it all.


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