Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Life sold in stores

I don’t know my ultimate purpose
But I believe that my pursuit is, in itself, a calling
My life has to be an example
By no stretch of the imagination do I consider myself a prophet
I am neither the most knowledgeable nor the wisest
But my greatest passion is to learn
And my greatest task is to teach
To make myself vulnerable so others may have strength
So let my mistakes be your lessons
And my triumphs be your inspiration

I long for the day when the status quo is not insanity
When the simplicity of a child’s thinking is the monarch of human behavior
When we do away with empty traditions and social doctrine
I long for the day when life makes sense
And more people are determined to live and not just exist
A day when common sense is more valuable that actual cents
A time when there is no standard besides individual uniqueness

"Now I am choosing life. I take the sacrifice. If everything must go then go. That's how I chose to live"- Lauryn Hill
I quote Lauryn a lot because I understand where she is
I can see why people label her as insane.
I can understand why she has chosen to move her attention outside the borders of this country.

If I have to get rid of everything I own, to get freedom and piece of mind... I am letting it all go!
I refuse to give up or give in
I have to live my life authentically an unapologetically
Not all will listen, but in time everyone will see
That my life had a purpose
Even if the entire time was spent looking for it
Because I chose life as it was created to be, not as it is packaged and sold in stores
I am not convincing people to understand with my words anymore
I am just going to live my life authentically and let my life be an example
All my faults, attributes, failures, mistakes, triumphs, shortcomings, and assets
Let them tell the story of a man who refused to conform to a way of life that deep down inside, most of us know can't be the way it was intended to be.

I cherish my percieved insanity

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