Monday, February 11, 2013


I want everyone to go naked! Show us who you are. uncovered. un adorned. just simply you. Strip yourself of social norms; of others expectations of stereotypes. 
Be true to who you are. 
The world needs you to show off how you were actually created, not how well you hide it. Your liberation is the key to other’s freedom. Freedom to be themselves without presumption. making it so that people actually have to get to know you, before they think they know you. The book will have no cover to judge, it will have to be read.
Your exposed flesh will be the abolition of assumptions.  How can you be assigned to a group, when everyone in that group looks different. They look like themselves. 
We will be individuals again, like how we were created to be. unique, special and essential. Even if you don’t do it literally, I beg of you, go naked! Don’t be afraid to show how beautifully different you are. 

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  1. While, it may be unflattering for many of us to go bare... your words are a true inspiration...


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