Wednesday, November 30, 2011

The Scenic Route

Here is a little known fact about me. Every couple of days my brain gets so filled and overwhelmed that I need an escape. I usually go to the woods, hiking, sit by a body of water or anywhere in nature to just clear my head and sort out my thoughts. Last week, on my way to one of my frequent spots in Virginia a cab driver (the worst drivers in the world) cuts me off and makes me miss my exit. 
Instead of fighting it, I decide to let myself get lost. I just drove until my gut told me I should turn and let my instincts guide me. Since it was close to sunset, I just decided to follow the sun. Trying to hold on to daylight as long as possible. Finally, I reached to the top of a hill at a dead end. 

I take fences and no trespassing signs as just a suggestion, not a rule!

I decided to get out and walk. It's amazing where you end up and the sights you see when you follow your instincts... Enjoy!

The George Washington Masonic Memorial- View from the back way
Sun setting over Alexandria Virginia

Dusk over the memorial while jets fly by

My favorite scene of the day

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