Friday, March 11, 2011

Heaven in a Lawnmower

I lay on my couch
resting my eyes from the staring contest I just lost with my mac book pro (Natasha)
Is that the sound of a lawnmower? On a Friday afternoon in the city?
Probably not... oh it's the road work crews
But Immediately I close my eyes and smile
Saturday morning
laying in my adolescent bed, facing the window
The day greets me
Sounds of countless dogs barking (which became so familiar that is was as common as the sound of the wind)
The birds are having conversations
My father doing something in the yard (judging by the pace of his movements, he has been at it for a while)
The washing machine going, as my mother hanging clothes on the line
music echoing thru the neighborhood from other houses
the symphony of lawnmowers.
I keep my eyes closed for a bit to take everything in
Finally opening my eyes to peek thru the aluminum shutters being blinded by what is seemingly the brightest day of anywhere on earth.
The constant warm tradewinds blow thru the curtains and passes over me.
I breathe the deepest breathe that I will take the entire day.
There is one thing on my mind as I stare at the ceiling with an internal smile
No agenda
No schedule
No pressing issue
No stress
Just this Saturday morning
the sounds of island life and the lawnmowers going at full speed
Now, I long for that Saturday morning feeling
Peace, gratefulness and calm optimism for the day ahead.
Heaven must be lifetime of Saturday Mornings set to a symphony of lawnmowers


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